Fast Facts

Fast Facts about Ascend Bible Institute

Who we are

Ascend Bible Institute will equips world changers and culture shapers and adequately prepares them for the Kingdom impact.


We are a fully-accredited, through Team Impact Christian University in the United States, we are dedicated and focused on Jesus, and we are dedicated to building Kingdom students and servants, for maximum impact in a variety of ministries and careers.



10 Things You’ll Love About Ascend Bible Institute


  1. Support- You will have support from a variety of teachers, lecturers, pastors and leaders all over the world. All lessons are at the Ascend Bible Institute headquarters, but you have the freedom to do some lessons through Skype and Zoom, giving you access to diverse teachers and groups.


  1. Community- Our community of students is faith filled men and women of God that are possibly going to be key partners in your future ministry. You can build a community of covenant partners that will support you into your success.


  1. Affordability- We scale our pricing to make growth affordable and practical. There is no excuse. Material is provided and you can learn at an affordable pace.


  1. Practicality- You are a world changer, you don’t become a world changer when you come to Ascend Bible Institute. You are already a world changer. Our duty is to start you off on practical application


  1. Accreditation, credibility and professionalism. Ascend Bible Institute is fully accredited and kingdom-centric, offering academic foundations with professionally recognised qualifications.


  1. Leadership. You recognise that God has placed leadership qualities within you to touch lives and change nations. We have a commitment to making you lead like you have never done before.


  1. Networking. We are part of a Kingdom network of businesses, colleges, schools, churches, missions agencies, camps and countless other organizations in several countries all over the globe. You immediately join into this powerful network of believers to achieve ministry success


  1. Professional Prospects. Ascend Bible Institute graduates are accepted at top-level institutions, churches and professional environments all over the world.